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  • Kastamonu GoTürkiye

    Located in Türkiye's western Black Sea region Kastamonu, is a one of the loveliest cities which embraces all shades of green and blue and would give you the impression of its ancient culture at every step you make.



    The historical Kastamonu Mansions (Kastamonu Evleri), which were built at the end of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century, are important examples of civil architecture that reflects Turkish society life to this day.



    The Münire Sultan Madrasa (Münire Sultan Medresesi) behind the Nasrullah Mosque (Nasrullah Cami) was built in 1746. You can buy traditional handicraft in the 21 stores within the Madrasa, take a breath of fresh air at a coffee on your tour around the Kastamonu city centre.



    This pizza-like dish, which means "bread with meat", is one of Kastamonu's most delicious dishes. A thin layer of dough is rolled out and coated with minced meat, which is then is baked on iron plate.



    All aspects of natural life in the Küre Mountains National Park (Küre Dağları Milli Parkı) is under protection. It stretches over 34,000 hectares of forest land and is situated within the borders of Kastamonu and Bartın.



    Cide is a unique destination to breath in the pristine nature, where every shade of green slopes meets with the vicious waves of the Black Sea.

    10 vibes for Kastamonu

    like locals

    Kastamonu Government House It is one of the most spectacular buildings in Türkiye. The 110 years old building is one of the symbols, which identify Kastamonu.



    48 hours

    in Kastamonu

    After starting your first day in Kastamonu with a traditional breakfast, you can visit the Republic Square, the Kastamonu Government House, and the City History Museum.