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    Cide is a unique destination to breath in the pristine nature, where every shade of green slopes meets with the vicious waves of the Black Sea. Famous Turkish writer Rıfat Ilgaz described Cide beautifully: “How good that my mother gave birth to me in this amiable country!” Cide is the ideal destination for those looking for a quiet place to be alone with nature.

    Homer wrote about Cide in his Iliad about 2800 years ago: “We passed the homeland of highly civilized Henet... Kiteros and Aycelos.” Aycelos is the current Cide. And Kiteros is known as Gideros today, which is an old settlement with a natural harbour. This settlement, which includes the Gideros Bay (Gideros Koyu), was declared a 1st Degree Archaeological Conservation Site and thus under protection.  The 11 km long uninterrupted beach in Cide includes the gorgeous Aydos, Denizkonak, Uğurlu, Çayyaka, Akbayır and İlyasbey Bays.

    When visiting Cide, you can enjoy the unique scenery with 29 endemic plant species from the Loç Valley sightseeing terrace, see the Kerempe Lighthouse (Kerempe Feneri), which is located at a height of 82 meters in the Aydıncık Village (Aydıncık Köyü), and discover the Kılıç Cave (Kılıç Mağarası) at a depth of 350 m, where 7,000-year-old settlements were discovered.

    Ginolu Bay

    The first settlement in the Çatalzeytin District is the Ginolu Bay (Ginolu Koyu), located 5 km west, which was known as Kinolis in ancient times. The Ginolu Bay is one of the rare natural bays of the Black Sea. On its east side there rises the Ginolu Castle with its charming view.


    Located 29 km from the centre of Kastamonu, Daday is the perfect destination in order to escape everyday stress, to strengthen the body with deep and high-quality breaths, and to relax the soul.  With thousands of acres of forest area covered with pines, yellow pines, beech and fir trees, the Ballıdağ Area is one of the important eco-tourism paradises, which is Türkiye’s second sanatorium resort. 

    With its therapeutic oxygen-producing forests, which constitute a natural health resort, Daday was an important centre for horse breeding during Ottoman era. This horse breeding legacy from the past has developed into horse farming facilities, which provide a combination of many experiences. 

    In the horse farms in Daday you can stay overnight, take riding lessons, feel the wind while on safari enjoy the nature and go fishing. You can explore the various types of mushroom in the Elveren Plateau (Elveren Yaylası), taste contemporary interpretations of traditional cuisine, and visit its wooden mansions.

    The Ilgaz Mountain

    The Ilgaz Mountain (Ilgaz Dağı) is the highest point of the Western Black Sea Region, one of Türkiye’s leading ski resorts. The Ilgaz Mountain is under protection as a National Park, and an area for the development of wildlife. The Mountain has two peaks, whereby Büyükhacat is the highest point at 2,587 meters.

    The Ilgaz Winter Sports Tourism Centre (Ilgaz Kış Sporları Turizm Merkezi) within the National Park, has an 800-m ski slope, and operates two chair lift facilities over a length of 1,500 meters. Ilgaz Mountain provides the opportunity for trekking, camping, hunting, and sport fishing at its ponds.